Your Android Phone Will Call You When Lost

Your Android Phone Will Call You When Lost

Today Android Operating system smartphones hold a large percentage of marketshare in smartphones all over the world. Smartphones are increasingly becoming popular even in the most remote corners of the globe. Smartphones are not just used for calling and messaging but are also used as computing devices and a lot of personal information is stored on smartphones. They are today used to store files, pictures and media, contact information and also used to access email accounts through internet. Also a good quality android smartphone of a reputed brand costs a lot of money. When you lose your android smartphone it is not just a monetary loss but also a lot of your personal information is lost along with it and this information then becomes vulnerable if it falls in the wrong hands. There are however some steps that an Android smartphone owner can take to avoid your smartphone and the information in it to be vulnerable.

How to Lock Your Android Smartphone and Get It to Call You Back

• All the Android Smartphones that have Android 4.4 or a version higher than Android 4.4 have a built in mechanism that can be used for locking the smartphone when lost and also locating the lost smartphone.

• This mechanism which can help you track down your smartphone is also available for Android smartphones that have a version previous to Android 4.4. The only difference is smartphones that have a version older than 4.4 have to install an app for this feature which is free on PlayStore.

Another aspect of this feature that makes the smartphone extra secure is that it can help the person who finds your smartphone to call you back. The following are steps that can help you to get your smartphone to call you back:

• If someone finds your lost smartphone this feature helps that person to easily call you back and let you know where your smartphone is.

• If you lose your smartphone then all you have to do is head to Google’s Browser Based – Android Device Manager.

• Once you have reached this, the next step is to tap the lock button which will lock your device. Along with this you can put in a recovery message for the person who finds your Android smartphone requesting him or her to please return it back.

• Also you can add a phone number where you can be reached in the event of your smartphone getting lost.

• What this feature does is lock your entire smartphone while only keeping the option to call back on the prescribed number. So the person who finds your smartphone can only call you back and does not have access to the rest of the smartphone. The person who finds your smartphone can easily call you back by just a press of a button. This makes recovery of the lost smartphone very easy.

As smartphones have a lot of personal information stored in them and are also expensive, this is a great feature to have in the Android smartphone for its security.


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